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Why Greece?

Greece is a long and unique History and Culture of beauty and measure. It is a deep blue sea that embraces and protects from Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the bright sun that shines 300 days a year creating the perfect climate for living. It is the blessed and fruitful land of the southeast Mediterranean that completes the magnificent landscape with mountains, plains and animals. But above all it is its hospitable and kind-hearted people. People who carry inside them the whole Ancient Greek and Christian Culture.


It is worth visiting the place where wise men like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were operating 30 philosophy schools by setting the appropriate background for the Christian teaching, while the 300 Spartan warriors led by Leonidas, were inhibiting million barbarians and spreading the Resurrection of Christ around the world.




It is worth visiting the country, which in its entirety is essentially one huge archaeological site from Crete to Thrace and from Rhodes to the Ionian Islands. Any of the 125 ancient theaters and 63 museums will allow you to know closely the Greek culture, which filled with exhibits the majority of International Museums.

Visit a new archaeological museum of Acropolis to admire vitality, joy, strength and prosperity on the faces of marble statues carved on the basis of human body proportions!

You can feel what a blind poet Homer felt when he wrote the greatest epic poems of all times for beautiful Helen.

Feel the hospitality in the country that gave birth to it. Our ancestors used to wash and relive tired feet of foreign travelers after guests showed respect to foreign (to them) country.

It is worth living in Greece, because Greeks are not only we, people who speak the language, but also those who live with its values and ideals.

Gerasimos Fokas

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