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Buying property in Greece is for us an everyday procedure.

For anyone who tries alone, without serious professional support,it will surely be a very difficult process because of its complexity and the numerous legal details.

Our company will assist you throughout the process, which includes:

  • Search for the suitable property,
  • Legal Control and Advice (Legal form of ownership, residence permits etc.),
  • Technical control (buildings),
  • Construction proposals on a budget (land),
  • Financial advice (investment proposals, economic privileges, etc.)
  • Issue of tax registration number (AFM),
  • Process of contract (text, tax payment, signatures, registration)
  • Property declaration to the tax authorities within a month of purchase,
  • Implementationof investment proposals,
  • Annual tax statement(property, income, etc.),
  • Design and implementation of the investment,
  • Property Construction,
  • Property Management.

Our experience is at your disposal.

With respect,
Gerasimos Fokas.

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