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The law firm THEODORE AXIMASTOS & ASSOCIATES aims to provide reliable and efficient legal services to clients who seek maximum legal security and protection in their professional and investment activities on the island of Lefkada.

Our many years of expertise and experience in the composite legal area of property law in Greece is a guarantee which provide maximum possible legal support and assurance in the process of legal control of real estate transfers. Specifically we provide:

  1. Complete title control, control for debts, mortgages, claims, cadastral records etc. in order to avoid any possible legal dispute
  2. Provision of legal advice and guidance concerning the jurisprudence of planning and Forest issues.
  3. Support for the legal processing and formulation of the terms of any deed in order to ensure maximum legal security of the contracting parties.


Theodore Aximastos
(+30) 6977675338

Anna Maria Horti
(+30) 6957835013

(+30) 26450 21520
8th Merarhias & Kountroumpi 1
Zip code 31100,

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