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Faneromeni Monastery

Protector of the Island of the Lefkas

Panagia Faneromeni (Virgin Mary) is the Protector of the Island of the Lefkas. The locals built a monastery in one of the most gorgeous sites of the island dedicated to her, to honor her glory. The visitor can reach there either by car or on foot, following one beautiful path up on the hill of Frini.

The view in Faneromeni is just breathtaking, indescribable! One can see from there the whole town of Lefkas, the Lagoon, that the locals say that it looks like Holy Mary holding Jesus in her arms, the beaches of Ai-Giannis, Myli, Gyra and Castro and even Preveza in the background.

In the monastery there is, apart from the arxontariki and the dorms for the monks and the visitors, a small byzantine chapel and a trimmed museum with a collection of icons of the orthodox Christian art. The monastery also guests in its garden a small zoo.