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Greece is already on the ‘next day’.

Greece has made many significant corrective steps to overcome ‘yesterday’, and several important moves to pass on ‘tomorrow’. In this context Greece offers noticeable incentives to new investments in many sectors, such as the Real Estate and Tourism market.


  • Reduction of purchase Tax from 10% to 3%.
  • Major investment in specific areas are identified as Strategic Investments, and benefit:
    • special acceleration of procedures by bypassing most normal procedure,
    • tax concessions of various forms,
    • Ombudsman for the immediate resolution of any issue,
    • oresidence permits to third-country nationals and the members of families of investment representatives and their collaborators,
  • Grants in new investments in various business sectors are expected to take effect soon.
  • A residence permit is provided 5 (+ 5) years to third-country nationals and the members of their families, when they engage in real-estate market in Greece, or have entered into at least 10 years of timesharing, or 10-year rental of hotel accommodation or tourist furnished residences in complex tourist accommodation (condo hotels), the value of which exceeds the 250,000 euros. The license is extended for an additional 5 years if the property is still owned after the first five years.
  • Incentives are provided for the construction and operation of complex tourist accommodation (condo hotels).
  • The Public – Private Partnership, involved in infrastructure projects and public services, enable vital and profitable investment which will offer directly and positively on the quality of life in Greece.
  • Companies of special legal status operate in Greece, the Venture Capital Companies, which are cooperatives with a predefined time horizon which reach out to private equity funds and venture capital companies. The Venture Capital Companies provide amongst other:
    • fiscal transparency,
    • ability to foreign shareholders not to maintain a permanent Office in the country,
    • discount from the value added tax (VAT) of management fees in Greek companies,
    • Zero tax on profits from the sale of their shares, of stock rights (stock options), the founding and management contract, etc.

All these demonstrate a clear and outward-looking orientation of Greece in the economic field.

Here is where you participate.

Believe in Greece.

Invest in Greece.

Benefit Greece.

Yours sincerely,

Gerasimos Fokas

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