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Real Estate

Real estate consultancy requires expertise to manage the critical accounting and finance functions involved in acquiring, financing, planning and entitling property for development. Our consultants are experts in budgeting, forecasting and investor relations.


Once your construction starts a whole new list of financial and staffing complexities come into play.  We operate in an environment driven by on-time, on-budget and happy customer metrics. Our company has the resources to respond quickly to any challenge.

Property management

Our property management consultants offer you the accurate knowledge on your investment which ultimately begins with knowing the Greek tourism market in detail.  Our goal is to offer peace of mind in the complete running of your property.

The team you can trust

is here to guide you in achieving your goals
via a trustworthy, professional and ethical approach where…

A.I.P.S. (All Inclusive Property Services) Group of Affiliated Companies, will safely guide you throughout the process of decision making, business planning by financial, accounting and law firm experts, legal control & technical inspection, transferring of any immovable properties, constructing as well as managing your new vacation or rental villa, the sea front hotel or your large-scale investment in a unique sea front area or even in one of the last private islands available for sale in Greece.

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